Liz Crowe


B. Nursing, Grad Cert in Critical Care Nursing

Liz Crowe is a Registered Nurse, with a career spanning over 9 years in Emergency and Critical Care nursing.

Growing up on the farm with Sarah and their 2 other siblings, attending school in Moree and then Tamworth, Liz developed a passion for animals and agriculture. She always imagined a career working on the land, so it was a natural progression when she went on to study a Diploma in Horse Business Management straight after school.

Looking back, Liz laughs that she’d always had a bit of an odd fascination with people’s injuries and wanting to help them out. But strangely never considered a career in health, even though her mum was a nurse! After finishing her diploma, she worked in a range of equestrian jobs but never felt like she had a real career. After a while, she decided to return to study and chose nursing.

Family Health

Liz studied in Newcastle and then the University of Technology in Sydney. While she enjoyed the change of pace in the city, she always knew she wanted to go back and work in a regional area. She completed her Graduate year at Tamworth Hospital in 2011, then secured a full-time job in the Emergency Department where she has worked ever since.

After the birth of her first son Harry, Liz Crowe had a fleeting idea that there must be a better way to track medications for little ones. But it wasn’t until she had her second bub Ollie, that she realised how easy it was to forget who had been given what medication and when – especially when sleep deprivation was a factor!

Ollie was just one month old when Liz pitched the app idea to Sarah. As healthcare professionals they knew there was a need for a simple yet effective method for parents to track medications, and as parents, they knew that there must be something better than scribbled notes on the kitchen bench.

Liz enjoys the research, critical thinking and analysis side of Family HQ. Drawing on her years of experience working with families in the Emergency Department, Liz ensures that Family HQ is as simple and straightforward to use as possible while tracking essential data.

Juggling all the balls as an Emergency Nurse and start-up founder, Liz loves to unwind by spending time with her boys and extended family. She can often be found pottering around the garden or squeezing in time to get back into her favourite pastime, showjumping and eventing. Liz is also partial to a vino or two with girlfriends (which totally doubles as market research time for Family HQ. Right?!).